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School Year 2014-15

General Resources

Grade 3 Prescription for Success Resources
3rd Grade Focus Math Benchmark Review (flipchart)

Assessed Benchmarks

  • MA.3.A.1.1 - Model multiplication and division including problems presented in context: repeated addition, multiplicative comparison, array, how many combinations, measurement, and partitioning.
  • MA.3.A.1.2 - Solve multiplication and division fact problems by using strategies that result from applying number properties.
  • MA.3.A.1.3 - Identify, describe, and apply division and multiplication as inverse operations.
  • MA.3.A.2.1 - Represent fractions, including fractions greater than one, using area, set and linear models.
  • MA.3.A.2.3 - Compare and order fractions, including fractions greater than one, using models and strategies.
  • MA.3.A.2.4 - Use models to represent equivalent fractions, including fractions greater than one, and identify representations of equivalence.
  • MA.3.G.3.1 - Describe, analyze, compare and classify two-dimensional shapes using sides and angles–including acute, obtuse, and right angles–and connect these ideas to the definition of shapes.
  • MA.3.G.3.2 - Compose, decompose, and transform polygons to make other polygons, including concave and convex polygons with three, four, five, six, eight, or ten sides.
  • MA.3.G.3.3 - Build, draw and analyze two-dimensional shapes from several orientations in order to examine and apply congruence and symmetry.
  • MA.3.A.4.1 - Create, analyze, and represent patterns and relationships using words, variables, tables and graphs.
  • MA.3.G.5.1 - Select appropriate units, strategies and tools to solve problems involving perimeter.
  • MA.3.G.5.2 - Measure objects using fractional parts of linear units such as 1/2, ¼, and 1/10.
  • MA.3.G.5.3 - Tell time to the nearest minute and to the nearest quarter hour, and determine the amount of time elapsed.
  • MA.3.A.6.1 - Represent, compute, estimate and solve problems using numbers through hundred thousands.
  • MA.3.A.6.2 - Solve non-routine problems by making a table, chart, or list and searching for patterns.
  • MA.3.S.7.1 - Construct and analyze frequency tables, bar graphs, pictographs, and line plots from data, including data collected through observations, surveys, and experiments.